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Welcome to Our Everything Cellular and Straight Talk Coupons. Are you looking for straight talk coupon information? This is your one-stop information website for the pre-paid cellular industry. We have the best coupons and discounts for Straight Talk, Tracphone and other prepaid carriers. We get our coupons on a regular basis, so if you are worried about them expiring, fear not! We check to see if they are working on a daily basis, and when a new one comes out, we will list the code within hours. There are many places and sites on the internet you can go to in order to find coupon codes for Straight Talk, but they are using antiquated and outdated codes which don’t work. We also contact the various companies and ensure that everything is updated for our users.


When looking for an appropriate code for Straight Talk, you need to tak into consideration the expiration date. There are several which expire on a monthly basis, and still others which expire on a weekly basis. Overall the best way to look for discounts is start with the free shipping option. When entered in at checkout, you can obtain free shipping on both your airtime and the particular phone you’re looking to buy.

There is also the $45, 30 day plan which includes free talk, text and data. It is prepaid, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to pay your bill at the end of the month. They also offer two ways of measuring how much talk and data time is left. For the unlimited plans, it really isn’t “unlimited” as such. You get 3 free gigabytes of data, then the speed of the data is lowered drastically. These are not good plans if you are a heavy user of Youtube or other vidoes and streaming audio. However, if you only use video and audio every few weeks, then you will have no problems. You can either log into your account panel at Straight Talk to view your remaining minutes and data, or you can open up the app on your phone will will give you an instant view of your overall minutes remaining.

Finally, you can also take advantage of the “Bring Your Own Phone” which will result in massive savings. As long as the phone that you currently have is compatible with the wireless technology, you will not have to purchase a brand new one. Just replace your SIM card and you are off to the races. You should be aware that there is a clause in the program where if they determine you are “abnormal usage” they can terminate your plan immediately. This mostly applies to people who abuse the system and the phone and either turn it into a free WiFi hotspot, or continuously upload and download data for days on end. If that’s the case, you should probably look at, as they have a more compatible free talk/text/data plan that truly is free.

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